On Point Lean Consulting provides on-site Lean Construction coaching and training for Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Designers looking to improve the delivery of capital projects.

Broken industry? Studies in the US and UK have shown that approximately 70% of ALL projects are delivered late or over budget...or both.   It has also been shown that up to 30% of the effort (and dollars) expended on construction projects is waste (approx. $300 billion USD per year.)     

It's time to do something about it!

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...our mission is to help our clients deliver capital projects safer, faster, and for less cost than traditional delivery.

Sample project types and markets 

​Lean Construction practices lead to much  greater cost & schedule certainty - and usually a savings in both!

Lean Construction:  Safer, Faster, and Less Cost

Lean Construction is having a dramatic impact on the design and construction industries - with numerous projects reporting up to 80% reductions in safety incidents, 30% reductions in duration, and 20% cost savings. Many companies and individuals struggle to apply Lean Construction largely because of its manufacturing origins and academic underpinnings.  On Point has been implementing Lean thinking and Lean tools on major construction projects since 2001.  On Point Lean has coached over 400 large-scale construction projects across the U.S. and internationally. 

Why choose On Point Lean Consulting?  

Because we go "on point" for our clients to deliver highly engaging coaching that people can understand and apply immediately. On Point has decades of heavy construction experience in nearly every type of construction and this enables us to train our clients to quickly achieve superior project outcomes.  We have a passion for building, coaching, and Lean thinking which makes On Point Lean one of the leading Lean Construction consulting firms in the industry.

On Point Lean specializes in​ project-based training, coaching, and mentoring, including:

  • Lean Construction
  • Lean Project Delivery
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Last Planner® System
  • Pull Planning
  • ​Target Value Delivery
  • Lean Construction Tools & Processes