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Lean versus Traditional Delivery on an Industrial Project

Two identical industrial equipment foundations.  100,000 cubic yards of concrete in each. Built side by side on the same site, at the same time.  One built using Lean Construction, one built traditionally... Click below for a video presentation by On Point Lean founder, David MacNeel, from the 2012 Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Annual Congress in Arlington, VA. 

One of the most frequently referenced business case studies demonstrating the benefits and results from applying Lean Construction and Last Planner System.

Lean Construction Case Study video

...our mission is to help our clients deliver capital projects safer, faster, and for less cost than traditional delivery.

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Lean Construction Case Study:

The benefits of Lean Construction

  • 17.4% less cost ($5 million savings)
  • Completed 19% faster (3 months sooner)
  • Peak Manpower of 270 (Lean) vs 420 (Traditional)
  • ​65% better safety record (vs company average)
  • ​12% higher labor productivity