On Point Lean offers on-site training for the AGC of America Lean Construction Education Program, Units 1 through 7.  Classes can be conducted individually or all 7 can be delivered over 1 week period.  Once a participant completes all 7 training sessions, they will be eligible to sit for AGC's Certificate of Management - Lean Construction exam.   

COURSE DESCRIPTION (see course brochure for more details)
Unit 1: Variation in Production System
Unit 2: Pull in Production 
Unit 3: Lean Workstructuring 
Unit 4: The Last Planner System 
Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly
Unit 6: Lean Design and Preconstruction 
Unit 7: Problem-solving Principles and Tools 

Following completion of this program, individuals will have a deep knowledge of both the theory and application of Lean Construction and be able to sit for an exam to earn AGC's Certificate of Management - Lean Construction (CM-Lean) credential.  Credentialing is offered through AGC of America

...our mission is to help our clients deliver capital projects safer, faster, and for less cost than traditional delivery.

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